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          Entervalve has been established since 2013 with 1 million baht registered by people who are professional about industrial process valves.
          Entervalve supplies high quality products which toughest flow control problems can be solved for various industries.Our product ranges comprising of butterfly valve, gate/globe/check valve, plug valve, air valves, pinch valves, knife gate valve, tank bottom valve, control valve, valve actuator, safety valve, electric actuator, explosion vent panels, expansion joints, pressure sensors, process equipment, flanges and pipe products.
          We has become the leadingprovider and related products for municipal and industrial applications.
               Wastewater Treatment
              Power Generation Industry
              Chemical Industry
              Oil & Gas Industry
              Pulp and Paper Mills
              Sugar mills Industry
              General Industry
              Providing Personalized Service :
              We concern customer’s requirements as the first priority and prompt respond and enquiries with “Friendly Service”. Entervalve believes the connection with our clients deserve personal touch. Our office tome is between 8.00am to 5.30pm. All of your enquiries and questions will be prompted respond by Entervalve team. Fax and email will be responded immediately and reply by our highly trained staff and professional sales engineer. Finally,if you prefer to hold the meeting for technical clarification, our network of highly qualified field sales representatives are ready to support you.

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